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What is The Toronto
Coffee and Tea Expo?

The number of indie cafes in Toronto has multiplied over the years, and continues to grow. Adorned with quaint furniture, local art and talented baristas, Torontonian’s are reaping the benefits of the entrepreneurial energy that surrounds our city. The first of its kind, we are celebrating the talents and passion of this buzzing community, all under one roof!
Expo Details
  • Free Drink Samples
  • Experience Coffee & Tea Culture
  • Discover New Beans & Recipes
  • Learn Industry Tips & Tricks
  • Buy Your Own Beans/Leaves

As Seen In
Join us at the
Coffee & Tea

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The Glass Factory

99 Sudbury Street
Toronto, Ontario
M6J 3S7

Join us for a cup and stay for the finest
offerings from the world of coffee and tea.

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Meet Toronto’s Coffee & Tea Vendors


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